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The name Wander Isle means Wandering Islands, where in we would make all unique islands accessible to everyone by wandering ourselves first.We believe that at least once a year you should go to some place out of your comfort zone so that you can come back fresh and relaxed.
We felt the need of a good tour agency from India which offers affordable packages to these non-touristy places, since all the tour agencies take their customers to those same touristy places. That’s when we decided to start Wander Isle. We would be personally visiting an island first and collaborating with the local tour agents of that place who offer best customer service. In this way we would always choose the best for our customers.
Our tours would be specifically designed for Travellers who love to explore hidden attractions and are always ready for some adventure . We offer land packages on motorbike/car which can be customized based on request. However, we can also book flight tickets for our customers. Our packages would be only limited to the places which we have visited recently and the list would keep growing based on how this works.


  • We are travellers ourselves and love to explore unique places, not mainstream places.
  • Our main motto is to make international travel possible for everyone, hence you would not find anyone offering same places as us, that too at cheapest cost.
  • Introducing new places to people and organizing trips for them, makes us happy and we value customer satisfaction more than anything.
  • We don't believe in negative reviews, so if you have any issues during your trip then inform us and we will try our best to not disappoint you.
  • We will take care of your smallest requests, like choosing hotel close to airport and close to Indian restaurants, Fast food chains so you dont have to spend much on travelling.
  • We have different packages for different kinds of people, but our packages are best suited for adventurous individuals. Customizations available as well.
  • We respect privacy plus comfort, hence most of our tours will have private car only for you. Tours wont be rushed, unlike other agencies. But if you dont want to miss any place then follow the advise of tour guide.